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General Terms and Conditions of Business

General Terms and Conditions of Business  (“GTCB”)

These General Terms and Conditions of Contract (“GTCB” or “Conditions”) set out the rules for the use of this website which Swiss Tavolata, Laurstrasse 10, CH-5200 Brugg, Switzerland, makes available to the user. These terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted by the user as soon as he uses this website. If he wishes to decline these terms and Conditions, he agrees not to use the website.


SWISS TAVOLATA may amend the terms and conditions at any time. The user is always bound by the currently valid terms and conditions.



1. Services of SWISS TAVOLATA 


1.1 Via the website, SWISS TAVOLATA arranges events (Tavolata) at which guests may eat and drink. After the guest’s booking for an event has been received, a binding legal transaction is concluded between the guest and the host. SWISS TAVOLATA is a not a party to this agreement which is binding only on the guest and on the host.


1.2 If problems are experienced with the implementation of the contractual relationship, the guest may contact SWISS TAVOLATA via the e-mail address. SWISS TAVOLATA will then play a mediating role.


1.3 Any complaint by the guest must be sent to the host, always with a copy to SWISS TAVOLATA.  However, SWISS TAVOLATA accepts no liability for the host.


1.4 The guest sends the copy of his letter of complaint to Swiss Tavolata and undertakes to await its offer of mediation before taking legal action.



2. Booking, processing and payment


2.1 If the guest books an event for himself and other guests who must be registered, the booking is made by clicking the “Order” button on the website, but does not become definitive until a mail confirming the event has been received. This must give binding details of the hospitality event, the host, the price, the scope of the service, the place and the time.


2.2. The booking fee is CHF 6 per consuming person.


2.3 The prices stated on the website shall apply to the booking. In principle, these prices are understood to include value added tax. [1] 


2.4 All bookings must be paid for when the booking is made using a credit or debit card which is acceptable to the website.


2.5 After receiving the booking, SWISS TAVOLATA shall send a confirmation to the effect that the booking has been made to the customer by e-mail.


2.6 The booking can be cancelled as follows:

If the event is rebooked with the same host up to 7 days before the guest event, a full credit will be allowed for a new event without any repayment or subsequent payment, provided that the newly selected offer is equivalent.


Up to 7 days before the event, 80% of the booking price will be refunded  

Up to 3 days before the event, 50% of the booking price will be refunded 

Less than 3 days before the event, no refund will be allowed

If the person concerned is unable to attend, a substitute may take part after the new name has been notified to the e-mail address indicated on the SWISS TAVOLATA website (info@swisstavolata.ch). 

In the event of illness, accident or force majeure (bad weather etc. to be confirmed by supporting evidence) which prevents the host or the guest from taking part or from organizing the event, an alternative opportunity will be notified to the guest or a credit note issued. No refunds will be made.


2.7 The guests must identify themselves to the host by producing the e-mail from Swiss Tavolata confirming the booking.



[1] Value added tax may be incurred at different offer levels, but this has no implications for the guest.



3. Ownership


3.1  This website and the content published thereon (including photographs and graphic contents) are protected worldwide by copyright and other protected rights and belong to SWISS TAVOLATA and its advertisers. The contents of the website may be used only for the purpose indicated on the website. Any other use of the contents is prohibited. 


3.2 These data on use form the basis for anonymous statistical evaluations so that trends can be detected on the basis of which SWISS TAVOLATA can suitably improve its offer. The Federal Act on the Supervision of Post Office and Telecommunications Traffic (BÜPF) imposes a statutory obligation to store connection data for the last six months.


3.3 The information contained on the SWISS TAVOLATA websites can be accessed by the public. By downloading or copying contents, images, photos or other data files, no rights (copyright) in respect of the contents are transferred.


3.4 The copyright and all other rights in contents, images, photos or other data files on the SWISS TAVOLATA websites belong exclusively to the latter or to the specially named  owners of rights. The written consent of the copyright owner must be obtained in advance before reproducing any elements.



4. Data protection


4.1 SWISS TAVOLATA undertakes to protect the user’s personal data on this website. All personal data collected will be processed in compliance with the Swiss Data Protection Regulations.


4.2 When bookings are made on the website, personal data such as name, address, information about credit cards etc. are required to enable SWISS TAVOLATA to implement the booking. SWISS TAVOLATA processes such data solely in order to achieve the business purpose.


4.3 SWISS TAVOLATA only transmits booking data to the hosts to the extent that such data are required by the hosts for the correct performance of their service.


4.4 By transmitting personal data, the user of this website declares his agreement to the forwarding, processing and storage of such personal data. SWISS TAVOLATA will take appropriate measures to assure secure handling of the data.


4.5 The personal data transmitted to SWISS TAVOLATA are stored on its servers (www.swisstavolata.ch). The data will be retrieved by staff of SWISS TAVOLATA or by third parties who have been instructed by SWISS TAVOLATA to achieve the purposes set out in these GTCB or other purposes that have been announced.


4.6. The user’s personal data are deemed to be confidential as are individually addressed electronic mails.


4.7. Entries made by the user on the website which can be consulted by all users are deemed not to be confidential.

Commentaries or contents which are in breach of domestic or foreign legal stipulations, interfere with the operation of the website, are unlawful or fraudulent, represent unauthorised advertising, breach the protected rights or personal rights of third parties, are dishonourable or offensive, incite violence or discrimination or are inappropriate in any other way are prohibited on the website. SWISS TAVOLATA is entitled to delete all comments and further contents at its own discretion without making further enquiries. SWISS TAVOLATA is entitled to prevent persons from accessing the website if they are in breach of these conditions of use. SWISS TAVOLATA will comply fully with the instructions of the criminal enforcement authorities and courts which require the identity or place of residence of persons who have breached the requirements to be notified.


4.8 When accessing our websites the following data are stored in log files: IP address, date, time, browser request and information generally provided about the operating system or browser.


4.9 When contact is made voluntarily, your e-mail address is recorded in a separate database which is not linked to the anonymised log files. You are entitled to cancel your registration again at any time.


4.10 SWISS TAVOLATA rolls over all costs and prejudice (including legal costs) which are a consequence of the conduct of the website user who is at fault to such user and will seek redress.



5. Code of conduct


5.1. The guest is aware that he is a guest of the host and will behave in compliance with the code of conduct of the region. In the event of breaches of the code of conduct, SWISS TAVOLATA reserves the right to exclude the user from the website.


5.2 The guest is required to enter allergies and intolerances in the relevant heading of the booking matrix.


5.3 If the guest accidentally leaves property behind with the host, Swiss Tavolata will arrange for the items to be returned to the guest against payment of the costs incurred.



6. References and links to and from other websites


6.1 References (links) on this website to the websites of third parties are made available solely for the convenience of the user. SWISS TAVOLATA has not checked these websites and is not responsible for their content or availability and accepts no liability.


6.2 Links to this website may be set up, provided that this is done in an authorised manner, is not prejudicial to SWISS TAVOLATA’s reputation and SWISS TAVOLATA is not unduly exploited thereby and no link to SWISS TAVOLATA is suggested if no such link exists.



7. Exclusion causes


7.1 The agreement concerning a Tavolata with service of food and drinks by a host is established by making a booking on this website and by confirmation of that booking by e-mail. Direct booking and payment on site are not permitted. SWISS TAVOLATA is not liable for the implementation and quality of the event.


7.2. SWISS TAVOLATA endeavours to publish precise details of the menu, nature of the event, price, place and time on the website. This information originates from the host and will be forwarded to SWISS TAVOLATA.


7.3 Although SWISS TAVOLATA uses its best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the published information, no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of the content, precision, topicality, reliability and complete nature of this information.


7.4 SWISS TAVOLATA specifically reserves the right to amend, delete or temporarily refrain from publishing contents at any time either in whole or in part without prior notice.


7.5 Claims for liability against SWISS TAVOLATA on grounds of damage of a tangible or intangible nature arising from access to or use or non-use of the published information, from misuse of the connection or because of technical faults, are not admissible.


7.6. Liability of SWISS TAVOLATA for services and products offered by hosts outside the framework of the offers set out on this website is ruled out entirely.


7.7 Although SWISS TAVOLATA endeavours to keep the website operational 24 hours a day, SWISS TAVOLATA is not liable for temporary non-availability of the website, failure of functions on the website or defective working thereof.


7.8 The security of data transmission via the Internet is not perfect. SWISS TAVOLATA takes reasonable measures to ensure the security of transmission but cannot guarantee this. All data transfer is effected at own risk.


7.9 The user is responsible for the security of the password used by him for this website. To the extent that SWISS TAVOLATA does not negligently disclose passwords to third parties, SWISS TAVOLATA is not liable for misuse of the password.


7.10 SWISS TAVOLATA declines all liability to the extent permitted by law



8. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction


These terms and conditions are governed by Swiss law. Disputes arising in connection with these conditions fall within the sole jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of the city of Brugg.



9. Additional provisions


9.1 Should any provision or any part of a provision of these terms and conditions prove to be invalid, that provision shall be replaced by an economically equivalent provision and the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions shall remain valid in full.


9.2 Notices by SWISS TAVOLATA are deemed to have been given validly if they were sent to the last address – by post or e-mail – which had been notified to SWISS TAVOLATA.


9.3 The user is not entitled to transfer to third parties rights or obligations under these terms and conditions without the prior written consent of SWISS TAVOLATA. SWISS TAVOLATA is entitled to transfer rights and obligations under these terms and conditions without the prior consent of the user to a business with which SWISS TAVOLATA is affiliated or which either acquires SWISS TAVOLATA or is itself acquired by SWISS TAVOLATA.



10. Legal capacity


10.1 By making a booking on this website the user declares that: 

he is entitled to enter into binding contracts

and is at least 18 years old.




Status: 9.9.2014, Version 1





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